About Us

About Us

Bridging the world, customer-focused product range, driven by tangible insights and delivered with efficiency.

Founder Ozgur Zorlu has been present and working extensively in the South Eash Asian markets since 1995. Developing deep customer insight, access into some of the leading economies in the region, creating a loyal customer base and establishing government relations. EXIM Indonesia provides a “bridge to the world” with access to products from across many countries but particularly from Turkey, where the group has strong roots. A key objective is also to work with local companies in Indonesia by providing access to export markets across Asia and the Middle East.

EXIM aims to provide better value rather than concentrate on pricing alone. These principles are carried across the business when sourcing products and providing services. The group boasts the ability to source not only food (olives, olive oil, dried fruits and nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables) but also antique carpets, rugs, Islamic artefacts and prayers mats.

Today the company is supplying olives and olive oil to the largest traditional market in Jakarta, to an international fast food restaurant chain in Singapore and also to the central kitchens of two leading airlines operating out Changi Airport, Singapore.

EXIM has tied up with local companies to provide supply chain and logistics solution with modern warehouse that facilitates fast and efficient movement of goods across the whole supply chain. With flexible solutions available EXIM can move products in the most economical and efficient manner meeting it’s clients’ needs.